Rick Alvis, Wheeler Mission Ministries

Wheeler Mission Ministries has been a client of Indiana Telephone Company for a number of years. ITC has always been responsive to our needs and given us incredible service. Beyond excellent service, the company has served as a think-tank to help us prepare for the future, as our technological needs routinely change and we want to make sure the systems in place are adequate to meet our needs.

Wheeler Mission maintains six sites which needed to have integrated technology systems. ITC provided us with the ability to do just that.

Since we are dependent on the gifts of thousands of donors, we want to make sure we are good stewards of those donations. Our desire is to invest as much as we possibly can into programs: feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, providing career and spiritual counseling just to name a few. Therefore we continually search for ways to reduce overhead. ITC provided us with the quality service at greatly reduced rates.

Bill Ogle is a man of integrity who runs his company on sound business ethics. They study the challenges, they search for the right solution, and they deliver. I highly recommend Indiana Telephone to any company, not-for-profit, or local church. They have my fullest endorsement.

Jeff Lingenfelter, Lakeview Marina Inc.

When Dennis Lambert of Indiana Phone Company came into my store and said, “Let me save you money on your phone bill, I laughed and said, “Don’t waste your time or mine. I hear that promise every week; I’ve been asking AT&T, Verizon, and all their aftermarket sellers for 20 years to help save me money and nobody can do it.”

But within 30 days Dennis Lambert and Indiana Telephone Co., Inc. had us up and running on more lines, with better clarity, at a savings of over $600.00 per month. My employees immediately noticed the better quality of our phone lines. What is just as important is that I have the phone numbers directly to tech support, Dennis, and the owner. No more 2 hours of fighting automated phone messages when I need service.

Tricia Davis, Stonesmiths, Inc.

I have had the great fortune of working with Indiana Telephone now on two different accounts and the service is outstanding. The owners of our company could not believe how much we were able to save each month by switching our service to Indiana Telephone. It was a very easy decision to make when presented with the opportunity to start working with Dennis Lambert. We struggled with finding great internet service but Dennis worked on finding us all the opportunities available and suggested the best option for us.

The quality of service I have received is amazing. Whenever I have a question, I just call the office and I know that Tammy will be there to answer the questions and walk me through anything that I don’t understand. Whenever it is time for the work to be done onsite, Nate is the tech I request to do the work. He’s prompt, courteous and professional and doesn’t seem to mind explaining everything to me when I ask.

You are such a huge asset to our company and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.